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This page features a range of Casino gambling best most popular games that feature across the Casino gambling best platform. We are constantly reconfiguring our database to tell you which are the best and most popular games across the site so you, the player, know which game are worth playing.

 If you’re new to the Casino gambling best platform or even one of our more seasoned users then why not take a look through the games on our popular list and see if you have the same taste as some of our players from the farthest expanses around the world. Do you enjoy Bloodsuckers 2 in the same way our Finnish friends do? Do you enjoy Dracula in a similar way to your Italian amigos? Or it could be the alternative and you may simply share the same hatred for that game Starburst as everyone else in the land? Who knows, join the biggest online slots community this side of the North Sea to find out.


Bloodsuckers 2

Bloodsuckers 2 is a vampire thriller that takes you onto the cobbled streets of London for a cutthroat adventure into 5 reels, back alleys and vampires. This game by NetEnt creates the perfect gameplay atmosphere and aswell as being one of our new games it certainly is one of favourite titles of its genre.

Bloodsuckers 2 is a video slot with a difference and will certainly be scaring the life out of you just in time for Halloween. Bloodsuckers has a gameboard featuring Sweeney Todd like characters, vampires and other ghoulish creatures that create an eerie atmosphere yet a perfect destination to earn yourself some significant free spins and cash rewards. Deposit and Spin today while it’s hot.


The vampire themed slots are a popular addition to the Dream Jackpot platform and there’s no better one to begin with than Dracula himself. The 5 reel slot game that has been adapted from the seminal Bram Stoker novel has transformed the online slot world with their blood thirsty slot games. The gameboard is filled with WILDs and SCATTERs and features an exclusive range of symbols that includes a series of gameboard lower value letters and also wonderfully animated character including Dracula himself and other menacing bloodsuckers.

This 5 reel that’s been created in associated with Universal Pictures and also features cut scene animations that are sure to get you off your seat. The creepy Dracula also stands beside the reels and watches as you spin, judging your every move and eyeing up his prey.

Creature from the Black Lagoon

The Creature from the black lagoon is a brand new slot game based on the hit 50s horror the creature from the black lagoon. Directed by Jack Arnold in 1954 this movie graced our screens and scared the living daylights out of many of the fearful audience. The year is now 2017 and the creature has been immortalised over 5 reels into a video slot with a difference. The reels are filled with symbols of sonar technology and popular characters from the silverscreen. As per usual the game features all the WILDs and SCATTERs that you’d expect and ample opportunity to generate some lovely free spins and cash rewards.